V-LINE PPC for Face

Face V-Line Contouring+Brightening+Wrinkle Free

Korea FDA approved

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Main Function

V Line Contour Care

Reduced fat layer,

Relieving wrinkles


   Improving Elasticity

Reducing Cellulite

 NEW 2018 V-LINE  


The quality of VLINE in 2018 has been upgraded and the effect has been improved.

+ Rapidly dissolves facial fat layer to improve slim face line


+ Supplies nutrients and moisture to collagen and prevents collagen reduction,

   thereby relieving skin aging.

+ High-purity Acetylhexapeptide improves skin elasticity on the skin after PPC fat layer decomposition,

   thereby relieving wrinkles and improving essential skin aging.


+ Improved whitening and moisturizing function.

 Main Raw Material 


1. Phosphatidylcholine   

Reduces the hard fat layer, partially located on the chin, and cheek, making a slim face line.

2. Glutathione  

Regenerate the oxidative damaged cells (which cause skin to darken) and lighten your skin naturally, evenly  and in a healthy manner.


3. L-Carnosine 

Reduce face fat and improve whitening


4. Acetyl Hexapeptide  

Wrinkle improvement, elasticity regeneration, neurotransmitter blocking, wound healing


5. Palmitoyl peptide 

Promotion of cell formation, tissue healing

 The Main Injection Site 


'VLINE' is absorbed directly to the desired site to decompose the fat layer, skin elasticity, wrinkle, pore reduction, dark circles can be seen to improve the effect.

VLINE removes cellulite that is produced by gathering fat masses and improves to a smooth skin surface.



1kit of 5ml x 10 vial(ampoule)

 How to Use for Injection 


※ VLINE is a serum for easy and convenient use. It is also used for Meso therapie care and home care.

1. Shake vials well to mix the deposited particles on the bottom

2. Usage: Determine skin area and thickness and use less than 0.15ml per point

* The face can be used up to max. 0.04ml in 1cm interval along the line of the chin line.

* When using the arm and collarbone, use 0.05 ~ 0.1ml or less in 1cm increments.

* Thighs, thighs and fat are used in thicker parts 0.1ml ~ 0.15ml or less

3. Penetrates into areas with wrinkles

4. It is recommended to use 1 times a week

 How to Use with AMTS for Home Care 


※ VLINE is easily and conveniently applicable serum. It also used for Meso therapie care and home care.

1. Please use this product after clean your face.

2. Please apply to vulnerable area such as eye rim, mouth, forehead, nose, neck.

Dropping a drop to the area, gently spread, and lightly tab to absorb.

3. Lightly apply a small amount over the entire face and wait for 1 to 3 minutes to absorb.

4. Once the skin is moist enough, once again apply sufficient amount of VLINE, then use MTS to absorb into the skin.

5. If the ingredients are completely absorbed after the MTS procedure, apply to the face with Power Repair

(skin soothing and Regenerating cream).

6. Recommend using AMTS once every two weeks. And apply VLINE to your face once every 2~3 days.

 How to keep 


1. Please keep it out of direct sunlight.

2. Please use within 1 month after opening the vial.

3. Remained product is required to be sealed and kept in 5~10 degrees Celsius.

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