Professional HA Dermal Filler Revolax

Korea FDA Approved 

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 Revolax ® Product Range 

 REVOLAX is... 

REVOLAX™ is a non-animal crosslinked H.A soft tissue filler.
REVOLAX™ works by adding volume to facial tissue, thus improving wrinkles and folds

and restoring a smooth appearance to the face.
REVOLAX™ uses only the highest purity of Hyaluronic Acid through bio-fermentative origin

.REVOLAX™ is gel that is natural and biologically degradable to correct facial wrinkles

and add volume to restore smooth appearance to the face

4 High Benefits of REVOLAX


High Purity

REVOLAX is bio-degradable gel that uses hyaluronic acid with high purity from bacterial fermentation. It is natural substance optimized to suit with human skin tissue. 


Highly Crosslinked HA

Our unique cross linking technology does not need adding free Hyaluronic acid to adjust physical property of the gel. 


High Visco-elasticity

Visco-elasticity is one of the most critical elements that determine longevity, volume effect and molding ability of the gel. With higher yet optimized level of visco-elasticity per product according to use and treatment area.  REVOLAX® makes sure longer lasting and stronger support for skin structure.


Highly Consistent Monophasic

REVOLAX®'s gel is made of very regular and dense mob structure. The consistency of the gel pattern ensures not only naturally harmonized volume but easy and comfortable injection for both surgeons and patients. 

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