The Smart Choice of HA Dermal Filler Neuramis

Korea FDA Approved 

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 Neuramis ® Product Range 

 UTW (Ultra Thin Wall needle) 

The Ultra Thin Wall needle has a larger inner diameter compared to
regular needles. It improves flow rates and lowers extrusion force during injection.

 Neuramis® is... 


Neuramis® is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler highly effective for deep and static wrinkles, volume augmentations and skin rejuvenation. Neuramis® family is produced by Medytox who has developed Neuronox® (Botulinum toxin type A, BoNTA) and is manufacturing is based on the company’s SHAPE™ technology characterized by 2-step cross-linking and Enhanced purification process. It minimizes uncross-linked BDDE and guarantees the following 3 values.

 SHAPE Technology Guarantees 3 Values of Neuramis® 


SHAPETM (Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid & Purification Enhancement) Technology

The unique manufacturing process of Neuramis®, characterized by ‘2-step cross-linking’ and ‘Enhanced purification’ process.
SHAPETM Technology guarantees Neuramis®’s Long-Lasting Effect and SUPERIOR SAFETY.


The origin of HA, microbial fermentation and animal free, ensures its safety. HA material with molecular weight, approved by EDQM and US FDA, is reliable and trustworthy.


Neuramis®’s 2-step crosslinking process ensures long-lasting effect.


Patients are satisfied with the natural results right after the treatment.

 What is Hyaluronic Acid? 


Hyaluronic acid(HA) is a naturally occurring polymer found in all living organisms.The Human dermis has a high percentage of HA, which hydrates the skin because of its high water-bindingproperties. HA is the predominant part of the viscoelastic intracellular matrix, which provides and maintainsproper tissue volume and acts as a cushion to help protect the skin. The natural product, if injected into the skin, would be rapidly lost. To produce a longer-lasting HA, it mustbe made more robust and stable by cross-linking. Cross-linked gels combine with naturally occurring HA toprovide volume and support for 4 to 12 months.

 Enhanced Safety 

1. Raw material’s stability Using selected Raw Material(HA) which has gotten US FDA approval & EuropeEDQM approval, the material has been found very safe.
2. Enhanced PurificationEnhanced purification through SHAPE Technologyminimizes residual (uncrosslinked) BDDE.
3. Post SterilizationThrough the Post sterilization process, the risk ofmicrobial contamination has been minimized.

 Natural Result 

Neuramis® Deep, easy to foam the Shape and it make natural volume formation.

Long lasting Effect

Neuramis® improves the efficiency of cross-linking reaction of the products, with excellent and longer effect.

High Satisfaction

Neuramis® shows the patients’ high satisfaction with the natural volume right after the treatment.

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