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PDRN Booster

Anti-Aging Skin Revitalizer

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53 Composition base on Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamins + Amion acids

+ Coenzyme + Nucleic acid+ Minerals +Antioxidant 

The 0.2 Nano Mash filter sterilization system has been used to prevent

the damage of the active component of skin cells.


Metoo Heaer PDRN Boost CH No.10 solution is to protect the sensitive vitamins and hyaluronic acid. Therefore, the method of high pressure steam sterilization (Autoclave) was adopted, and the 0.2 nano MASH filter sterilization system was imported. Due to the high pressure steam sterilization, the vapor in the temperature and pressure of 120℃ is saturated, which cause partial peptide chain hydrolysis and vitamin damage, resulting in protein deformation. PDRN BOOST CH No.10 is a combination of the best ingredients and cutting-edge technology to ensure the cleanliness and effectiveness of the best products.

The “ecological boundary” of abnormal cells in the regenerated dermis

( chemical fertilizer, fertilizer, ecological optimization, nutrion)

  • As a result of the aging trend, the market for regenerative cosmetics continues to expand

  • The demand and stability of regenerative cosmeceuticals products in the new growth power industry.



3ml x 10 vials

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