Blunt Cannulas for Filler


CE, ISO, Korea FDA Approved

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Blunt Cannula for Filler injection

We can rewind the time on your face with MINERVA

MINERVA Cannula is special.

That is because the company has its own production lines.

Blunt Cannula was manufactured after long hours of grinding work by choosing special treatment method.

The surface of needle hole is smooth as it was produced by electro-chemical machining.

The needle surface uses Micro PIPE raw material and has been processed again

so it does not cause any pain or side effect when entering the skin.

The handle has different colors according to length and thickness of needle for better distinction.

MINERVA Cannula is a modern needle that minimizes pain, swollenness, and bruise.


Blunt Cannula!!! Say goodbye to unpleasant side effects! 

Using Blunt Cannula, minimizes pain, swollenness, bruise, and abnormalities of nerve.


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